GOPRO 360 Degree Camera, Go Pro VR Omni – Our First 360 Camera Rig

4k GOPRO 360 Degree Camera

A 4K 360 video camera is nothing but a camera that films in all directions at the same time. Some 4K 360 video cameras capture fully circular video (360 degrees horizontally and vertically), and others in more of a ‘donut’ shape (horizontal only). The latter basically miss the ‘top and bottom bits’.
In reality, a 4K 360 video camera means adding up multiple video camera ‘heads’ hooked on a single unit, while there is no single camera that can capture 4K  360 degrees. Usually the arrangement is in a circle or sphere.  The results of these multiple cameras must be stitch up together to create a 4K 360 video, alike, how a panoramic picture is made out of multiple photos.
For streaming live 4K 360 video, you’ll need a 4K 360 video camera that provides a pre-stitched 4K 360 output, or some means to live stitch the outputs of all the individual camera heads. Stitching is covered on our 4K 360 Video Stitching page.
Now, About GoPro, What to say? The GoPro is positioning itself as a big player in the ground-breaking field of 4K 360-degree video. We have known since last year about the ODYSSEY, where the Google Jump video assembler works in tandem with the 16-camera GoPro array.
But the world of video is going beyond with the mass adoption of newer technologies such as 4K and 360-degree video. Which clearly dictates what the next steps will be? And this company is presenting that, with their new 4K GoPro 360-degree camera arrays and the in recent times announced GoPro Karma drone, they are not afraid of stepping outside of their placate zone in the way to innovation even though the bumps along the way.
Outsized names are clearly positioning themselves to facilitate both formation and utilization of a new kind of video experience. With products by domestic brands like GoPro, support from the YouTube platform, and simple solutions like Google Cardboard, the adoption of this comparatively new medium seems impending. And when these gears become available to everyone everywhere, it will be interesting to see what it will mean for the future of video and for us as creators.