Gopro Hero 4 Silver Battery life

Gopro hero 4 silver battery life:

GoPro, the Emmy Award winning company, comes with its only camera that has a built in touch display, named HERO4 Silver. HERO4 Silver is the first camera of GoPro, where an integrated touch display is featured. You can preview photos and videos in this display so that you can shoot a perfect snap or a video. The display has a play back content, from which you can relive the moment instantly. You can easily find menus and adjust settings by just tapping and swiping the screen. HERO4 Silver delivers the best image quality among GoPro,s all camera they have launched.Hero4 silver camera use rechargeable li ion battery. Actually you will use in 2.30 to 3 hours of continuous shot and video recording. And its big advantage is takes video in low light environment. whereas you will capture 2.30hours. Here is a chart to know the gopro hero4 silver battery life


HERO4 Silver:
With Wi-Fi OffWith Wi-Fi On + Using Wi-Fi RemoteWith Wi-Fi On + Using GoPro AppWith Wi-Fi Off + Battery BacPac™
Video ModeEstimated Time Estimated Time Estimated TimeEstimated Time
 4K 15fps 2:001:50 1:403:05
 2.7K 30fps 1:501:40 1:303:00
 1440p 48fps 1:501:40 1:303:05
 1080p 60fps 1:401:30 1:303:00
 1080p 30fps Superview 1:501:40 1:303:05
 720p 120fps 1:551:45 1:353:05