The Best 4k Resolution Laptops – 4k gaming laptop Trusted reviews

We all happen to know or hear about 4K TV, or 4K camera or 4K desktop PCs or may be 4K Cinema Projectors then it will be natural that the same should happen to the 4K Laptops and its already has.
4K laptop are basically the same as the regular laptops except that instead of a screen with 480p SD,720p HE or 1080p full HD resolution they offer you a full 4K ultra HD Resolution at
3840 X 2160 pixel.
Resolution classification or the various resolution we already know that we might all used or seen :
Semi High Definition 1280×720.
Full High Definition 1920×1080
4K Ultra High Definition 3480×2160
8K Ultra High Definition 7680×4320
4K resolution laptop is 3840 x 2160 (sometimes 4,096 x 2160) which means 3840 dots from left to right and 2160 dots from top to down making a total of 82,94,400 dots. Any screen which is 4K must have these many dots / pixels to come in the category of 4K.
The 4K laptop screen is called by 4K because K refers to thousand i.e. 4K screens will have approximately 4000 pixels from left to right in each row. 82,94,400 / 20,73,600 is 4 i.e 4K screens has 4 times as many pixels than Full HD screens,This increase in pixels produces a superior picture and makes it possible to increase the size of a display without losing image clarity.
If we keep the resolution of 4K laptop in mind ie. its crazy, deeply detailed resolution 4K laptops differ from their regular counterparts in that they’re also more powerfully beefed up with heavy duty processing and GPU specs designed to handle all of the extra graphics created by their 4K screen.
In these days, a surprisingly large selection of 4K laptop models from many different brands are available on the market and while they’re more expensive than their ordinary versions, they are surprisingly affordable and getting cheaper in every few months.
For these reasons, 4K laptop is quickly becoming the new standard in high-definition. Just as 720p replaced the old DVD standard of 480p, and 1080p replaced that, 4K resolution laptop

GOPRO HERO 4K Action camera – American Company


GoPro is a well renounced American company in
the world of camera. Since the company was established by Mr.Woodman in 2002,
the company manufactured various types of cameras which have fulfill the
requirements of the concern people. The company first launched the Hero series

in September, 2004. Later on 2006, they developed it in a digital camera, again

on 2014 Hero 3+ was marketed by GoPro. Than on 14th September, 2014

Hero 4 was introduced with 12MP CMOS, 2x more powerful processor and support 4K

resolution. It is also waterproof. With photos of 30fps and a developed audio

this camera belongs to them who want the best


With 2x more powerful processor, video frame
rates 2x faster and with a better image quality than its best-selling
predecessor,  Hero 4 gives more detailed,
sharper and clear picture. Which makes it the most advance camera ever produce
by GoPro. It becomes the first camera to feature ultra-high-resolution, high
truly professional video quality in a small package. Impressive clarity of
60 seconds intervals. With 12MP Burst photos at a blistering 30 frames per
frame rate video.  HERO4 Black produces
pictures, smooth slow-motion playback, Cinema-quality capture are HERO4’s best
quality. the unique photo laps mode can capture photo automatically from 0.5 to
second, HERO4 Black helps you capture the moments you don’t want to miss.  New Night Photo and Night Lapse modes offer
you to capture photo in low light. Whether you are in a camp fire or want to
capture night sky, these modes help you to get clear picture in low light you
never imagined.
Also the Low Light Mode adjust the frame rate
according to the light condition to make you free from adjusting your camera‘s
lighting condition.  Hero 4 has a smart
remote which allows you to control the camera from maximum 600’ or 180 meter.
The built in WI-Fi and Bluetooth help you to connect with other devices easily.
You can also easily share picture via text, e-mail and facebook.  It also provides easy shot preview and
playback.  The tag HiLight gives you the
chance to locate the best moments of your recording, so that you can easily
locate the best clips for editing and sharing. It has SuperView, an exclusive
video mode which captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle pictures that
allows you to capture more of yourself and your surroundings. The new
QuikCapture mode allows you to power on and start recording automatically with
the press of a single button.
With a powerful new
audio system, HERO4 Black records high-fidelity sound. Its cutting-edge
microphone delivers nearly 2x the dynamic range, which ensures you smoother
sound and makes it more natural than ever. HERO4 Black features a unique
dedicated button which allows you to adjust settings of camera quickly. Easy
menus make settings more fugitive than ever. Thus we can see the GoPro Hero 4
is the best in the market and is a must to buy for them who wants the best.