Gopro HERO 4 Black Battery Life



4k gopro hero 4 black is Emmy Award winning camera.  we think that gopro hero 4 black performance is best image quality in the world at the moment. which is delivers can super slow motion at 240fps per second and fantastic hd resolution 4k30 and 2.7k60 video.

Normally you will get 2.5hours of continuous recording time in light warm temperatures. And also cold temperature could be reduce runtime somewhat. Here is a chart to knowing the 4k gopro hero black battery life. Basically the hero 4 black battery life will depends on users time and use.

HERO4 Black
 With Wi-Fi Off With Wi-Fi On + Using Wi-Fi RemoteWith Wi-Fi On + Using GoPro AppWith Wi-Fi Off + Battery BacPac™With Wi-Fi Off + Using LCD Touch BacPac™
 Video Mode Estimated TimeEstimated Time Estimated Time Estimated TimeEstimated Time
4K 30fps 1:05 0:55 0:50 2:00 0:50
 2.7K 48fps1:051:000:552:100:55
 2.7K 30fps (4:3)1:101:050:552:150:55
 1080p 120fps1:101:051:002:200:55
 1080p 60fps1:201:151:102:301:10
 1080p 30fps SuperView1:301:201:152:451:15
 720p 120fps 1:501:401:303:001:20