4k Gopro Action camera, Hero4- The revolutionary game changer in the evolution of visionary world

4k Gopro Hero 4:


4k gopro hero 4

Hero 4 The revolutionary game changer in the evolution of visionary world.

Can you imagine how old the history of Digital camera is. No? Only above 40 years. At that time a young electrical engineer working in Eastman Kodak in Rochester initiated a product that has been getting upgraded still today. That technological explosion has proliferated in our daily life in every camera component from the camera of smartphone to very high quality DSLR camera. Actually that young electrical engineer is still getting ‘Thanks’ only for on thing and that is the invention of light-sensitive semiconductor devices. To create a digital image it has the capability of storing and transmitting light exposure information.  

That was the start of the long run of Digital camera. In 1990 when the first digital camera was invented, it could take and store a snap of a maximum resolution of 376 pixels by 240 pixels. On the other hand in 4K the resolution is over 4000 pixels.

Then it is really a dramatic step in the evolution of Digital Camera.  

The first 4K camera was launched in 2003 for cinematography purposes and only 5 years ago that is in 2010 YouTube started supporting 4K video upload when the leading manufacturers began manufacturing 4K camera.  


4K picture


4k Hero 4 from Gopro:

 The final explosion was has been exploded when Gopro took decision to manufacture 4K camera. Actually 4k revolution has got it’s highest exposure with the manufacture of 4K Hero series from Gopro. In case of resolution it can provide a giant 4k image. It is capable of taking 30 frames in one second. It is really big 2.7K images at up to 48 fps for moderate slo-motion  and 120 fps at 1920 x 1080 pixels for super slo-motion.


A Gopro Hero 4 creation:

 Other new and extra-ordinary functions of 4K Hero series from Gopro include-

  • Larger sensor,

  • Small enough to fit into a teacup,

  • The most user-friendly model yet,

  • Proprietary editing suite,

  • Advanced Settings,

  • Built-in touch display,

  • Very easy camera control,

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that support the GoPro App,

  • Smart Remote, and

  • Improved camera control.


Nevertheless, to be a part of the revolutionary evolution of the Digital Camera, just rush to order the 4k Gopro hero 4.