Hero 4 Battery Life:                                                                                       Hero 4 Battery 4k gopro hero 4 black is Emmy Award winning camera.  We think that gopro hero 4 black performance is best image quality in the world at the moment. which is delivers can super slow motion at 240fps per second and fantastic hd resolution 4k30 and 2.7k60 video. […]

gopro photo tips

gopro photo tips : gopro photography. how to use your gopro hero..

gopro photo tips :  In this post I’m going to go over a portion of the best GoPro photography tips that will help you capture the best photographs, video and get the most  out of your camera.  Never capture single click:   One of the best GoPro photography suggestion I can tell is to never simply take a solitary shot. On the off chance that you look at the settings on your camera you will see that you have the choice for both time pass or burst shots. By taking more than one shot you increment your odds of getting the perfect photograph that you’re finding for and you don’t need to stress over any foggy or out of casing pictures .There isn’t any adjustment setup with the GoPro cameras so when you’re ready to look through some blasted shots you can pick the best one and dispose of the others. Also you can either utilize a 30-second burst or set the time slip to take a photograph like clockwork. Along these lines you will have more than one photograph to work with and it’s more probable you’ll discover that extraordinary shot you were finding for. Keep an Eye on the Battery Life: Nothing is more terrible than going to take a photograph just to find that your GoPro has come up short on batteries. There are two ways that you can increase your battery time on your camera. So that you cant mis a beautiful click. First way you see your display and always remind your mind about battery condition. There […]

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How will you keep well your gopro lens?

This is a good issue with the Gopro cameras particularly since they are so reduced and can be born in any pocket and by one means or another dependably wind up in the one pocket with your keychain. Unexpectedly this is essentially the main “Achilles heel” that GoPros have as they are generally basically indestructible. […]

Top 10 4k Camera brand : Sony Alpha,Sony a6300 Cyber-shot, Panasonic, Samsung 28 MP Wireless Smart Cam, Leica D-Lux, Gopro hero4/5

1. Sony  Alpha  a6300  Mirrorl ess  Digital  Camera- This superb dense mirrorless descendant to the top-trading 2014 a6000 HD mirrorless camera presents the proficient-grade BIONZ-X picture processing engine of Sony’s pinnacle 4k mirrorless cameras and gives some blatant outstanding low light photo and video recording competences, the a6300 is a fine combination of choice for […]

Here is varies brand of Tripod …………….

Here is varies brand of Tripod ……………. Tripod is one of the most important things if you can make for your camera, but so many new brands and options out there, you can choosing the right one for your camera. Here we’vecollect a list of ten best tripods that are sure to offer something for […]