The Best 4K Drone brands. Remote Controlled Camera Drones

What is 4k Drone?

Unmanned Aircraft System or UAS is commonly known as Drone among the general people. It has another name, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV. Drone is an aircraft which is not flied by a human being, rather it is flied or controlled by a remote control or a machine. Mission which seems too dangerous and dirty for man, is accomplished by drones. Now days it is a common term used in the security sector. It is also very much effective in the battlefield. Though drone’s use is expanding in the scientific, commercial and on other fields very rapidly. But now common people are buying drones and using them in various aspect, such as aerial photography and video recording, on agriculture and some of them are started racing competition with drones. Over a million sell of drones in the year 2015 shows the fact that it is now more of a common man’s equipment rather than militaries. Now you wonder what is 4K doing here. Now all drone maker companies are using 4K UHD in the camera attached with the drones.

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter


In the drone’s selling market, the best-selling drone is DJI Phantom 4. The Phantom 4 gathers all the best qualities that you can found in the predecessor of its, named Phantom 3. To make it better it adds a new wider setting of automated flight navigation. The recording features are also better thn the previous one. It gives thumbs up performance in the sky. It has built-in and high quality 4K video recording camera that has superb high resolution for capturing still photo. It is not only easy to use but also it is designed in a very way that made it crash proof. The 4K camera of Phantom 4 gives you 4096 X 2160 pixel True 4K video at 30 frame per second and 12 megapixel still photos are just too good than your imagination.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4k Camera Drone


The Typhoon Q500 is the newest version of drone that is marketed by the well reputed company Yuneec. It is completely different in design from its ancestor. This Typhoon Q500 drone offers high performance. The camera which is in it, is capable of stunning 4K video recording and photo captureing capabilities. The camera is a rotating gimbal mounted camera, which can view 115 degrees, that makes it an incredibly multipurpose drone. It can rise at 6.5 feet per second, maximum speed of 18 miles per hour, it can reach a maximum height of 1,968.5 feet and after full recharge it can fly for 25 minutes, depending on how the conditions are. Its camera has a 4K ultra HD with a resolution at 3840 x 2160 for video, Full HD at up to 120 frame per second and up to 12 megapixels for still photos.

Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K


If you are fascinated by aerial photography, this Chroma package is the perfect drone for you. It has everything you need. It captures smooth still pictures, can record aerial video in a stunning 4K definition. This drone is very easy to fly. It is that much easy to fly that you need no experience. You can get everything in one box. Depending on the wind condition and flying style, it can fly up to maximum 30 minutes without charging. It also has an advanced SAFE Plus technology.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcoptar


SDR brings to their consumers a new Solo drone, which can easily challenge the bestselling drones. It offers superbly versatile automated flying capabilities. The navigation controls are very easy to learn and excellent. The flight control app can be connected on your mobile device screens, moreover the drone looks dashing with a black body and tough glass-reinforced rotor design.


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