What is 4K Curved Tv

What is 4k Curved Tv


Curved television brings a new dimension in the field of smart tv. Compare to the flat ones, curved tv has many advantages. First of them you get a sharp and clear picture which feels life like. The improve immersion takes you deeper into what you are watching. It gives you the feeling that you are watching 3D version though you are allowed to see only 2D, cause the visual perception is better than the flat tv. Curving the edges towards the viewer makes him feel that he is watching a wider image than that of the flat. The light that generate from a curved tv focuses more into your eyes than the non-curved. As a result the contrast is better in the curved one. Now days all the leading television maker brands are producing curved televisions with 4k technology. All of them have a screen which is 4k Ultra HD supported.

LG OLED55C6V 4K Curved Tv :


LG, the famous brand, brings to you LG OLED55C6V, the latest curved tv from LG which has 4k technology. Its screen is 65” with a resolution of 4k Ultra HD. It’s a webOS 3.0 smart tv. The dimension of the tv is 1,225 x 714 x 48.9 mm. the panel technology of this tv is OLED. LG is the only brand who are making full range of OLED tv. The look is stunning.  If curved tv is your preference, than this tv worthy of a look from you.

Samsung UE55KS9000 4K Curved Tv :


Samsung UE55KS9000 is the latest curved tv with a 4k resolution marketed by Samsung. The screen of the tv is 55”, which can gives you a resolution of 3840 x 2160 , which refers that it is a 4k Ultra HD. It is a Tizen smart tv which dimension is 713 x 1226 x 52mm. LED Edgelit is its panel technology. Its design is spectacular. You will get truly UHD picture. The curved screen is also divisive. The picture quality of the tv is the combination of UHD resolution and HDR.

LG 65EC970V 4K Curved Tv :


LG 65EC970V is called the first 4k OLED tv launched by the renounced brand LG. for those, who love watching movies in home, this new tv is just like a dream come true. Screen size is 65” with a 4k UHD resolution, which can give you a picture of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is an LG webOS smart tv. The panel technology of the tv is as usual OLED. 880 x 1447 x 257mm is dimension of the tv. The design is jaw dropping. The screen gives you a clear and life like pictures. To get all the qualities of the tv you need to assure that it must have a accurate set up.